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Green Society Review

Green Society Review – What Makes It Canada’s Favourite Online Dispensary?

When it comes to all things cannabis, Green Society has always been the number one choice by many people. Ever since Canada was added to the list of countries that have lifted their ban on cannabis and its products, Green Society has made the list of the top dispensaries in the country.

The people behind the company have always had a passion for cannabis and have worked hard to deliver only high-quality products to their customers. Years of experience have made Green Society not only the best choice to get the top-grade cannabis products; they are also hailed as the go-to experts for people looking to start their cannabis journey.

Commitment to Amazing Customer Service

As a company, it cannot be denied that profit plays a role in their drive to attract customers but Green Society went about an entirely new way. They make sure all their customers are well-taken care of, their questions answered, their issues resolved, and most importantly that they feel welcome.

It’s been their goal to create a community of cannabis fans and enthusiasts. They’ve done so by using their platform not only as a way to promote their products but also as a hub to educate and inform people. Years of the cannabis plant being banned and criminalized meant there is a lot of myth and misinformation that needs to be corrected and Green Society is a pioneer in this movement.

Canada’s Favorite Online Dispensary

It took some time before Green Society rose to prominence in Canada. Their hard work and commitment to quality and great customer service paid off when they started getting more followers and customers. Below are some things that they did right to earn them the top spot in Canada’s list of online dispensaries.

Sourced from credible farms

On Green Society’s brand page, you will see they’ve listed all their partners. They’ve also included a short description of each partner for customers to get to know them a little better. A quick scan on the page and it becomes very evident that most of these brands carry products from the top growers in the country.

91 Supreme, for example, is one of Green Society’s partners and they’re known for being run by expert horticulturists as well as extract artists. They have high-quality cannabis extracts to offer.

Baked Edibles has been part of Canada’s cannabis industry for quite some time. They are one of the pioneers when it comes to reputable and high-quality producers of edibles.

Those are two of the many reputable brands the Green Society is partnered with. They have the full list on their website for interested customers.

Well-organized product offering

The main complaint that many cannabis buyers have about online dispensaries is that finding the product you’re looking for takes a lot of effort. This is because most dispensaries have on their front page the entire product line they offer and hide the category button in a drop-down menu, or worse, at the bottom of the page. Customers who already have a product in mind, which is often the case, have to look for the “by category option” or scroll down the page.

With Green Society, they solved this problem with a little inspiration from online clothing retailers. See, they realized that they want to make the process easy for customers who know what they are buying and for those just merely browsing. They still display their full product catalog on the Shop page, but they’ve also included a sidebar where visitors can see the different categories the products are organized in.

Not only that, but they’ve also included a “Filter by price” option.

Informative blog

If you look through different online retailers, the trend to include a blog hasn’t caught on yet. Not with online dispensaries, however. Early on, they realized that most of the people who visit their sites don’t exactly know what they’re looking for, or what some of the products are. All they know about cannabis is it’s something that comes from a plant that you smoke or use as ingredients to make edibles. They didn’t realize there was such a thing as strains, shatters, oil, tinctures, etc. For this reason, the earliest version of an online dispensary prominently featured a blog for the consumption of their customers.

The same holds true for Green Society. They do in fact run a very active and updated blog. And it’s one of the first things that people see when they enter the website. What sets them apart from others, however, is the type of blog posts they post. They not only include topics like “Using CBD in Your Skin Care Routine,” and “Making Cannabis and CBD Infused Butter,” they post helpful and relevant articles like a post all about magic mushrooms and “How is High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract Made.”

Deals that are a good value for money

The final reason why Green Society is among Canada’s top online dispensaries has everything to do with why people prefer shopping with them in the first place – they save money. Green Society’s commitment to making each and every one of their customers happy leads them to create a dedicated sales page where they showcase all the products that are currently on sale. Now, customers can very quickly navigate to products that offer the best deals.

Some online dispensaries might put a few products on sale at any given time, but not Green Society. Their Deals page is several pages long and comes with a filtering feature so customers can filter by price (low to high; high to low), popularity, and the ones that were recently put on sale.

Final thoughts

Green Society stayed true to its promise to give Canadians the best cannabis products. For years, they have slowly built up their reputation through amazing customer experience and an extensive product offering. Being a primarily online retail business, they’ve made sure to build a website that is easy to navigate. With all these reasons, it’s safe to say that Green Society will continue to occupy the top position as Canada’s favorite online dispensary.