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Get Kush Review

Get Kush Review – Is Get Kush a Legal and Legit Online Dispensary?

In this day and age of the internet, it can be very hard for us to know which establishments are legal and which ones are a little bit sketchy. Without the need to set up a physical store, virtually anyone can set up a bogus online shop, posts a couple of pictures, and start scamming people out of their hard-earned money.

This is most evident in emerging industries like the cannabis industry. Relatively, being able to buy cannabis legally is still a fairly common concept. Add to that, it came in the wake of decades of criminalization that forced people to get their goods illegally. The decades worth of underground operation can’t be easy to change.

Coming across Get Kush, one might think it’s one of those scam cannabis business operations but they would be wrong. They’re one of the biggest online dispensaries at the moment and they’ve been in operation for a long time, first offering medical marijuana to people with medical patients before expanding their business to offer more cannabis products when Canada lifted its ban on the plant.

Get Kush Review – The Company

Get Kush is owned and operated by a brother and sister duo – Ryan and Nancy. Both grew up in British Columbia and have been exposed to the cannabis industry early on. They have been trained in the cultivation and wholesaling of cannabis for quite some time.

Upon meeting the two, it’s easy to see that they both have the passion and drive in what they do, which translates into procuring only the best and high-quality cannabis products in BC. Their edge over other wholesale cannabis dispensaries is through personalized customer care. They take the time to build a strong and lasting relationship with all their customers.

Get Kush Review – Is it Legit?

This one is easy to answer. Yes, Get Kush is a legitimate online cannabis wholesale retailer. And I can say this based on experience. All that I have ever bought from them I have been completely satisfied.

When I first came across their website, I figured they’re in the mid- to high-end price points. A few of my friends who know about Get Kush have even commented that some of their goods are a little bit overpriced at first glance. But none who have ever tried their products have complained.

My favorite among all their selection is Bruce Banner #3 which is just phenomenal. I also love their quads, definitely high-end AAA stuff. Add to that, they have excellent packaging and their customer service is quite superb.

Get Kush Review – Highest Quality Products in Canada

The years of training and experience in the cannabis industry has made Get Kush an expert when it comes to procuring top-shelf cannabis products. They’ve managed to build a strong and trusted network of cannabis growers and producers in Canada.

Paired with affordable prices and amazing customer service means that Get Kush has a strong and loyal following of fans and customers. Among the mail order marijuana businesses, Get Kush is simply the best.

At Get Kush, you can get the best weed buds and other cannabis goods without the need to leave your home. They will package the goods securely and discreetly so you never have to worry about your neighbors finding out what gets delivered to your doorstep. As a bonus, orders that amount to $150 and higher will get free shipping.

Get Kush Review – Rewards

Customers of Get Kush are also treated to an amazing rewards system where not only are they getting their products, they can earn points and spend it on other goods.

The system uses a point system where 25 points equal $1. And no, they don’t only have to make a purchase to earn points. By simply signing up, they’re racking up points already. Here are a few ways to earn points.

  • Signing up will earn you 250 points.
  • Every review written will mean 25 points.
  • Each item purchased at has a corresponding point indicated in the product description.
  • During check out, customers will have the option to either use their points to apply discounts to their total order.

Get Kush Review – Blog

If you visit other online dispensaries, you will notice a trend wherein the sites also have a dedicated blog page. Here they post news, updates, articles, etc. about the cannabis world. Customers not necessarily looking to make any purchase can still have found something of value in these sites. You could say these blogs have become the online version of newsletters.

Get Kush is not exempt from this trend. They too have a dedicated page where they post articles about cannabis, the latest trends, news, and even recipes. What sets their blog apart from other dispensaries is they feature articles that have a more nuanced take on the entire industry.

And although they do post mainstream topics, they also share articles that many people have been keen on discussing. Posts like “Can you Fail a Drug Test for Using CBD or Topicals That Have THC?” and “THC in Cannabis Topicals” have all garnered a lot of attention recently. They also keep up to date with the trends by posting articles such as “What Is a Vape Pen & How to Use It for THC, CBD, and More.”

Visitors to the site who have recently gotten into consuming cannabis won’t just find a portal where they can get the good stuff, they can also use it to be informed and educated on important industry topics.

Get Kush Review – Wrap Up

To sum it all, Get Kush is a legitimate online cannabis retailer that boasts years of experience and expert knowledge in procuring and selling high-quality cannabis products. The founders – Nancy and Ryan – are passionate about cannabis and have worked hard to establish their reputation for being a trustworthy and reliable cannabis vendor.

Not only do they provide top-shelf products to customers, but they’re also known for their amazing customer service, excellent shipping, and delivery record, and a reward system to give back to their loyal customers.