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Buy My Weed Online Review

Buy My Weed Online Review – A Comprehensive Look Into Its Products, Customer Service, Shipping, and More

Canada saw a rise in popularity in online dispensaries the moment the country legalized medical and recreational marijuana. But with so many options to choose from, interested buyers may find themselves overwhelmed, often confused, which dispensary to spend their hard-earned cash in.

This comprehensive Buy My Weed Online review is not meant to convince anyone of their credibility, but it’s simply aimed to inform and educate people of this company’s reputation, products, customer service, and shipment and delivery.

Buy My Weed Online – Offering Quality Products

A great way of differentiating a trustworthy dispensary from a sketchy one is through their inventory of products. You should take the time to make sure that they list not only the descriptions but where the products are sourced. More often than not, you should be wary of dispensaries that don’t show the ingredients as well as the concentration in each of their products.

Buy My Weed Online carries a wide variety of cannabis strains. If you are looking for a strong indica, a relaxing Sativa, or the benefits of both in a hybrid, you’re sure to find that in BMWO’s catalog of products. Each of their strains has been carefully selected from credible and authorized sources to give the best smoking experience.

What’s more, there is extensive information in each of the products they offer. BMWO lists the effects, it’s medical benefits, as well as a particular product’s adverse effects. Further information is also included in each of the products such as customer reviews.

Buy My Weed Online – Recipes

When weed started becoming legal in many places in North America, a lot of people have started to realize that there are other ways to consume cannabis products other than smoking. This led many people to experiment with the different ways they could achieve the benefits of the plant besides inhalation. Naturally, people started including it in their food which spurred on the creation and subsequent popularity of edibles.

Knowing that a good portion of their customers doesn’t necessarily prefer smoking cannabis, Buy Weed Online created a dedicated page on their website to list down different recipes customers could do that involves cannabis products. And they’ve aptly categorized their recipes into appetizers, beverages, bread, brunch, desserts, comfort foods, and many more.

I personally would recommend giving their canna-butter a try. The recipe is a great starting off point for beginners and the end product – cannabis-infused butter – can be used in other recipes.

Buy My Weed Online – Affiliate Program

It would interest many of BMWO’s customers that they are part of a lucrative affiliate program in the industry that offers customers an amazing opportunity to earn a commission. The premise is quite simple, if anyone of their existing customers brings in a new customer, they will earn a 15% commission, one of the highest rates within the cannabis industry.

Starting their affiliate program is their way of giving back to all their customers who have been nothing but supportive of BMWO since their inception. They see their customers as part of their growing family and therefore would want to take care of them not only by offering top-quality cannabis products but also incentivizing them to promote BMWO’s products to their family and friends.

To join their affiliate program, all that customers have to do is complete an online application form and wait to hear back for verification. Once a customer has been verified, they will have access to a Dashboard to see their Affiliate Information.

They click on “Generate URL” to generate a unique referral link that they can share on their social media profiles. Every time the URL is clicked and the successful purchase of a BMWO product follows, the affiliate receives a 15% commission.

Buy My Weed Online – Product Line

To become a trusted and reputable online dispensary in Canada, a retailer must offer more than just a handful of products. They need to showcase more than just the popular cannabis products, they have to include new releases as well as products that don’t get a lot of attention but have a strong fan base. Below are a few examples.

  • Concentrates


live resin




  • Edibles





peanut butter cookies

jelly bombs

  • Vape

refill cartridges

vape pens

oil carts

vape carts


  • CBD oil





cooling stick


twisted extracts

Besides cannabis products, Buy My Weed Online also offers accessories that include:

  • water bongs/dab rigs
  • glass/silicone pipes
  • lighters
  • vaping
  • grinders
  • other tools and attachments

Buy My Weed Online – Reliable Shipping

Every online dispensary will have to depend on a trusted and reliable shipping service to run a smooth operation. In fact, experts would say shipping and delivery is an important cornerstone for any successful online retailer.

Buy My Weed Online took the time to perfect how they package and deliver their products to their customers. From ordering to receiving the product, customers are assured that they will be kept updated.

Many people value discretion in the type of products that get delivered to their doorstep which is why BMWO uses generic prepaid Xpress envelopes to package their items. Products are vacuum-sealed and bubble wrapped to maintain freshness and for added protection during delivery.

Customers are also provided a tracking number that they can use to monitor the shipping and delivery status of their items.

Buy My Weed Online – Unique Rating Scale

To help customers find the best product for their needs, Buy My Weed Online has devised an ingenious rating scale that’s simple and easy to follow. Their products are rated based on the intensity, from the hard-hitting AAAAA down to the more mellow AA.

No other online dispensaries have this kind of rating. Even the most newbie customer hoping to buy their first cannabis product will find it easy to pick the strain that suits them best using this rating scale.

Buy My Weed Online – Wrap Up

It has always been BMWO’s mission to provide Canadians the best cannabis available to them. They’ve worked hard to build up a reliable reputation over the years and have chosen their brand partners carefully to make sure only the best products reach their customers.